Thank you, Brighton! You did it!

We are greatly humbled and so proud of the Brighton community this evening.

Tonight the residents of Brighton united in a historic show of resolve and sent a message loud and clear to the government of Brighton: the old way of doing business is over, forever.

In the first recall election in Brighton’s 133-year history, Ken Kreutzer and the secretive, ineffective clubhouse that has been our City Hall for so long, has been rejected.

The groundswell of support we received was awe-inspiring. This was a true grassroots campaign, and the People’s voice is clear and unequivocal: “business as usual” will no longer be tolerated in our city.

Tonight’s vote proved that the citizens of Brighton have come together to turn the page on the past failures of Brighton’s leadership, and are working together to shape our city and help it thrive in the years ahead.

Our goal now is to stay united as we tackle the tough challenges, hold our leaders accountable, and chart a new course for our community.

To the City Government of Brighton: we know and appreciate that so many of you are good, hard-working members of our community and we thank you for your service. But service we must have. 

The overcharging of our residents and businesses must end immediately. Failure to complete projects will no longer be acceptable. Arrogant and dismissive attitudes toward the residents will no longer be tolerated.

No more long monthly billing cycles and tiered rate schemes that gouge our families and businesses. No more unfinished streets, projects that go nowhere, shoddy planning decisions, or developers allowed to fleece our city. 

You serve the People of Brighton, not our politicians or their donors. Please remember that. 

To our current and future City Council, you are now on notice: the lack of leadership, transparency, and accountability that we’ve seen the past several years is over.

The “good old boy” network is finished. With much of Ken Kreutzer’s support coming from outside of our city, even having seven times the money we did, plus a city government working overtime to save his job, it was not enough to keep the will of the people down.

It is those people you work for: the hard-working residents of Brighton who play by the rules, pay their taxes, and share life together here in our neighborhoods.

Never forget, you were elected to represent the interests of the residents of Brighton and no one else.

No more backroom deal-making. No more developers and contractors on boards that oversee their activities. No more broken promises. No more walking quorums and illegal executive sessions. No more contracts awarded without bids. No more expensive PR firms and orchestrated “messaging”. No more collusion between elected officials and city employees. No more hiding the failures of our city infrastructure or the shortcomings of its leadership.

This effort to “clean house” began with the recall of Ken Kreutzer, but it will not end there. The residents of Brighton deserve and expect disciplined, cooperative, ethical and aggressively transparent leadership, and we will hold you accountable.

To Philip Rodriguez and his family: the work you did and the sacrifices you made for our community will never be forgotten. You stood up for what is right and it cost you everything. We were honored and proud to stand alongside you. We sincerely thank you for your honesty, integrity and professionalism. We wish you the very best and all of God’s blessings as you tackle new challenges in your next city! You’re the best, Phil! Thank you.

To the voters and residents of Brighton: THANK YOU. Your hard work and determination to carry this movement through to victory is awe-inspiring. YOU made this happen. YOU came together and set a new course for the future of our beloved city. YOU gathered signatures, made phone calls, put up yard signs, and attended meetings to make our united voice heard.

We may have carried the torch, but YOU carried the day. We’ll be forever grateful for the friends and supporters (old and new) from all over our community.

As divisive and difficult as growing pains can be, we must now move forward as a community together united. We have every confidence this will happen, because we are Brighton.

Now let’s get to work!

Jeremy Torgerson, Matt Johnston, and Mary Ellen Pollack
The Committee To Recall Brighton CO Mayor Ken Kreutzer